Game of Thrones Fans Are Angry about Being Game of Thrones Fans

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Game of Thrones Fans Are Angry about Being Game of Thrones Fans

By Jason Vey
April 29, 2019

After last night's brutal and epic Battle of Winterfell episode of Game of Thrones, fans of the series are up in arms...apparently just generally about being fans of the show. The latest whining comes from insistence that the episode was too dark to see what was going on. 

"I really had to search to find a problem with this episode," says Bucky LaRoue of Lafayette, LA. "So I just decided on the actual brightness of the image. I turned the brightness on my TV all the way down, and decided it was the writers' fault that I couldn't see when my favorite character got stabbed in the eye." 

Says Jim Harbour of Seattle, WA, "I bought this TV last year. It's totally a 4k, but I only paid like $300 for it, so naturally when the picture was dark it had to be the fault of the producers. It's okay, though. I mean, I could buy a better television, but why bother? This saved me the trouble of having to search harder for something else to whine about."

Actual screen shot of LaRoue's screen

Said Joe Knonaem of Knowheresville, AL, "Honestly, I didn't have any issues until I saw other people complaining about the episode being to dark. That was when I suddenly realized that yeah, it was dark. And suddenly, I couldn't remember anything I saw. It was like people complaining online actually wiped the episode out of my memory. But it must actually be because I didn't realize my TV was dark until someone told me it was."

Part of the rage comes from not being able to see which characters lived or died, or, more accurately, from not wanting to accept that things didn't play out as they intended. 

"Did Brianne die? I couldn't tell. She better have died," said Louise Jackson of Branson, MO. "Also, I'm not sure what happened with the Night King. I mean, there was movement and shattering blades, but I couldn't see a thing. Also, have you seen my glasses anywhere?"

It's hard to blame fans for their rage, however. Game of Thrones fans put their entire lives into the series, with some actively taking up positions in obsidian mines to help the effort. 

"I'm just doing my part to help the Starks and Winterfell," said one miner, who wishes to remain anonymous. She wiped blood from countless cuts off of her face and smiled. "It's hard, mining dragonglass, but at least I know I'm doing something to help the cause." 

One thing is certain: with the battle now over, fans look forward to finding another reason to launch vitriol and hate over the series that has actually given them a reason to live over the past eight years. 

"I really can't wait to dig into the next episode, see what I can find in there to rage about," LaRoue said. "After all, that's what fandom is about, right?"

The next episode of Game of Thrones airs Sunday at 9 on HBO. 


  1. Excellent!

    My big complaint is that they completely left out Tony Stark

  2. Although I appreciate the satire, I did think the episode was pretty dark. Granted, that was a stylistic feature meant to add tension to the battle, and to reinforce the chaos of battle, but considering the large number of characters involved in the fight, it did make it a little difficult to keep track of the death count. ;)

  3. This post has certainly made my day.


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