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Growing out of Geek Culture?

The title's not exactly what this blog will be about, but it's as close as I could come to summing it up.  We had really nice weather here last week--a teaser for the coming spring season--and as I do at such times, I put on some old Iron Maiden CDs in the car and waxed nostalgic. Adding to this was a visit to my local comics shop, owned by the same gent who owns one of our FLGSes here in Pittsburgh.  I have a buddy who has several boxes of old (90's era) comics he wants to unload because they are taking up space. When I inquired for him, the answer I got was, "Nope, back issues are the kiss of death, now.  That market is dead." Comic stores now focus on memorabilia and trade paperbacks.  That's where the business is.  Hell, when I read comics these days it's in TPB format.  I can't be bothered to try and keep up with all the various overcomplicated, dimension-hopping monthly storylines anymore.  I'd rather just wait for the collected edition