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Hyborian Age Update

I've revised the Hyborian Age campaign booklet. A few of the races didn't have level caps (and should have), and I fixed a couple of typos and formatting inconsistencies. I also added an appendix with an excerpt from Howard's "The Hyborian Age" essay after discovering that it is indeed in the public domain, and placed a map of the Hyborian world at the end. Finally, the PDF is now fully bookmarked for ease of navigation. It will still print as a digest-sized booklet if you select the "Booklet Printing" function in Acrobat Reader/Acrobat Pro. You can download the current version here: Enjoy.

Personal Blog

If anyone's interested in my more mundane comings-and-goings, I've begun a personal blog at Feel free to pop over, read, comment, whatever.

Hyborian Age Addendum - or, Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

I've taken a bit of flak from some folks for claiming that OD&D is an ideal system for handling Hyborian Age gaming. It would seem that even my own Hyborian Age OD&D Hack didn't convince many folks, who think you need something more detailed, somehow, to properly represent pulpy combat. I disagree--why do you need an extensive list of combat maneuvers to spur your imagination about what's going on during a minute of battle? I think my sorcerer class, included in the linked PDF above, solves the magic problem neatly, and that the use of Chainmail-style combat is exceptionally pulpy and action-packed. In any case, I may get to find out how right or wrong I am. I'll be running a short Hyborian Age OD&D game with my Sunday group, soon, converting Mongoose (and other) modules to OD&D. I'll keep a log of how it goes.