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Why You Shouldn't Support Kickstarter-Only Businesses

I feel like I'm going to be screaming at a brick wall here, at best. At worst, I'm going to get dogpiled by Kickstarter fans and those who use Kickstarter as their primary means of business funding. But this is something that's been on my mind for awhile and I feel the need to sound off about it. Kickstarter is ruining our hobby. "What's that?" you say. "How can you even make such an accusation when Kickstarter has given us amazing games that we wouldn't have had otherwise." "Wait a second," you'll follow up, "don't you work for a company that uses Kickstarter, like, a lot? " Yes. Yes, it has, and yes, I do. On the first point, I'd say that's what Kickstarter is for. It's to launch brand new things that otherwise wouldn't have ever been able to see the light of day. It's not designed as a primary means of funding for an entire business, project after project after project, with reprints of