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Reading Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Part 24

NON-LETHAL AND WEAPONLESS COMBAT PROCEDURES I will freely admit; the first time (the first few times, actually) that I looked at this section, I let out a hearty "What the F*#$??" At first glance, this really looks like the definition of the chaotic mess that AD&D has a rep for being. It's really not, though. Once you dive in and read it, not only does it make sense, but it's pretty damned elegant. I've even found myself wondering how tough it'd be to directly convert the entire combat system to these rules. This brings me to my one complaint about the weaponless combat sub-system. ...It's a sub-system. What I mean is, AD&D already has a combat system in place; why design an entirely different set of rules that have no connection whatsoever to normal combat, just to handle grappling, pummeling, and overbearing? Was it needed? That's probably why most of us just decided to use good old-fashioned attack rolls with non-lethal damage appl

Age of Conan and Secrets of Acheron Revised and Updated

Thought everyone might be interested to know that I have revised and updated both Age of Conan pamphlets.  They can, as always, be found on my D&D resources page at