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NEW ELF LAIR GAMES RELEASE: Chutzpah! A Certain Je ne Sais Quoi

Chutzpah! is the bare-bones role playing game with a certain je ne sais quoi ! It's a firmly tongue-in-cheek game that nevertheless can handle any kind of game you wish to run, no matter how serious. From one-shot over-the-top lunacy to long-term deadly-serious campaigns, this game has the gumption to make it happen. With stats like Cut of My Jib, Childlike Wonder and yes, a Certain Je ne Sais Quoi, you'll be able to take your character building to the next level.  It's a simple stat and skill die pool system using d8s. Why d8s? I just decided on d8s. There's literally no other reason. You'll throw your dice and count Fist Bumps to succeed at tasks. Included in this simple, 44-page book is everything you need to play a game, including: Complete character generation Rules for combat, skills, vehicles, magic, psionics and more Rules for building weapons, vehicles, equipment and monsters Rules for fear, terror, horror, and madness Benefits and Bugs

How to Tell if You're a Toxic Fan

We've all encountered them: those so-called "fans" who never, ever praise the things they love, but instead have only hate and vitriol to spew, and spew it they will, given any chance, any excuse, any outlet. They'll insinuate themselves into conversations celebrating the latest installment of a franchise, only to eventually chime in with, "Let me tell you what the problem was." This is toxic fandom, and it's becoming a major problem that will eventually cause a critical mass of collapse in many of the things we all love so dearly. The worst part about these people is that most of them absolutely refuse to believe that they are, in fact, toxic fans. After all, don't they have the right to their opinion, too? Who are you to tell them they're not fans? How dare you call them toxic? You're the loser who just blindly follows everything and can't see the clear flaws in front of you. Are you that fragile and shallow that you can't handle