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Elf Lair Games at Gary Con

 Elf Lair Games is at Gary Con! Hey, folks, Elf Lair Games is at Ethereal Gary Con XIII , and yours truly is a convention special guest. Of course, I'm also still a Troll Lord Games guy so I'm involved with their stuff as well. Check the graphic below to see all of our events (you may need to click the image, then right click and "open image in new tab" to see it full sized). I am involved with running 2 of our events and will be a guest on the following panels: GM Tricks of the Trade - Thursday at 4 PM CST Greyhawk DM's Round Table - Thursday at 7 PM CST TLG Selling Games, Now and Then - Friday at noon CST We're also happy to announce that all of our PDF items on DriveThruRPG and both print and PDF in our online store are now available at 50% off throughout the weekend in celebration of the con! Grab your copy of Spellcraft & Swordplay, Chutzpah!, The Witch, or our urban fantasy/horror old school hit Night Shift: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars!  Visi