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Reading Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Part 41

That's right, folks; I'm back at it! It's been far, far, FAR too long. So let's not delay and get right back into it, shall we? In case you forgot where we left off, check here . If you're wondering what this is all about, start here . MULTIPLE CHARACTERS FOR A SINGLE PLAYER Here we see some more of Gygax's, "brook no fools" approach to DMing. Interestingly, the section is very clear that not only are multiple characters not discouraged, they can be actively encouraged in certain sitiations, with specific stipulations in play. To be clear, he's not talking about one player at a table running three different PCs at the same time. Indeed, the stipulations in place would seem to discourage that--multiple characters played by the same player should not be associates with one other, communicate directly with one another, or be able to freely interchange items and articles. Remember that at the time when AD&D was written, "campaigns&quo

Sugar Free Homemade Milk Chocolate

I'm putting this recipe here because I keep losing it. Also, it's another easy diabetic-friendly recipe that people might enjoy having. Who doesn't love chocolate? It's delicious and in the right quantities it's very healthy for you. While they say dark chocolate is better, I'm a fan of milk chocolate. They do make sugar free chocolate, but it's usually loaded up with sugar alcohols, and we all know what those do to your intestinal tract. So I started researching recipes for how to make chocolate at home, wondering if it was feasible. It is. I'm a fan of Splenda (sucralose) as it's just sugar with an extra atom bonded to the molecule so you won't digest it. Also, every single study out there decrying its health risks...was created with an agenda. There's a war on artificial sweeteners, which extends to a war on diabetics, telling us we shouldn't be allowed to enjoy the things that other people do. There's nothing wrong with artifi

Chronicling My Star Trek V/VI Communicator Build Part 2

See Part 1 here So it's been a crazy busy couple months. I've continued to photo document the building of my communicator and I'm pleased to say it's FINISHED! Unfortunately, I got a new phone during the process, and it seems some of my pictures from the mid-point didn't backup, so I lost a stage. I thought you would all like to see what I have, however, so you can see how it came out. The next phase was gutting the old Playmates' toy Classic Communicators, and gutting the innards of the walkie talkies. We had thought (hoped) there would be plenty of room just to swap out one set of electronics for another. Unfortunately, nothing ever goes according to plan. We had to do some modifications to the interior cavity of the walkie to fit the electronics in. Part of this also included cutting away part of the battery compartment so we could swap out the 9v for a 2 AA setup. We considered keeping the 9v with a voltage regulator but decided if we were going to do