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Social Media Engagement and Unprofessional Rage

A discussion recently went up on Facebook wherein a certain industry pro very insultingly slagged off a certain kind of gaming. This particular individual (who shall go nameless, as is the rule here) has demonstrated themselves over the past few years to be caustic, judgmental, arrogant and generally hateful to begin with, which led me to unfollow them, because I enjoy their game and was very much getting to the point where I was going to sell off all the stuff and not support them anymore. Which brings me to the dual point of this post: first, don't generalize an entire genre in a negative light, especially if you yourself are creating a game that falls within that overarching umbrella. Second, if you're a game industry professional, leave the bullshit at the door. The first should be just common sense, though apparently it's not. Leave the Bullshit at the Door Look, I don't care if you're in acting, video games, board games, tabletop RPGs, card games, music