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Concerning Alignment

Erik over at Tenkar's Tavern has a blog up about alignments, and whether folks prefer the AD&D 9-alignment system or the OD&D/BX/BECMI 3-alignment system (which ignores the Holmes 5-alignment system, but we'll let that pass for now). This got me thinking about how people actually use alignment in their games. I mean, yes, we have alignment restrictions on certain classes--Paladins have to be Lawful Good, Thieves cannot be Lawful, Druids must be Neutral, etc. But what exactly does this mean?  I have a really good friend who abhors alignment. He hates the entire concept of it. He uses it in games that I run, because I use it, but he very often questions things like the disallowance of a good assassin. "How," he asks, "can a skills set be good or evil?" My take on it insofar as the assassin goes, and I've laid it out, but he still disagrees, is that when one's skills set is murder, it's impossible to call oneself good, unless you have

A Petition to Congress - Getting Political for a Minute

I have created a petition at . It calls for an immediate and permanent reduction in congressional salary and benefits to bring Congress back to the level of their constituents and take away their right to vote themselves raises. You can go here to read and sign it . This petition has been created with the intention of (in the best of all worlds) forcing Congress back to our level so they're no longer so divorced from what they do to us on a daily basis, and at the very least showing the level of discontent the people have in no uncertain terms. I have no real hope that the White House or Congress cares about the welfare of nor will listen to the voices of the people they are supposed to serve, but at least they'll have to SEE this one, so I'd appreciate the support.   And no, I'm not looking for a political debate here. If you don't agree--don't sign. It's that simple. Don't tell me why you don't agree, don'