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Powers & Paragons: Superheroic Role Playing with OD&D - Part One

(This may form an eventual PDF (much like my Star Wars rules did), or it may actually morph into a complete game that I will release through Elf Lair Games. I'm not sure. For now it's a few thoughts I had.) Introduction If there's one genre out there that is as popular with the sci-fi/fantasy community as high fantasy, it's superheroes. Since they first debuted in the pulp magazines in the 20s and 30s with characters like The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Bat and the like, super-powered masked vigilantes have held the fascination of the world. Eventually they made their way into comic books, where these powered men and women have formed a new take on mythology, the modern gods and goddesses of our popular culture. It occurred to me, in thinking about it, that OD&D, being a stunningly flexible system, can easily handle superhero games, so I wanted to put some notes down regarding how it works. Approaches to Power and Core Rules The first thing we need to d