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Amazing Adventures Pre-Sales! As some of you may or may not know, awhile back I wrote a core roleplaying game for Troll Lord Games. It's a pulp-era RPG that is powered by the same rules system that runs their popular Castles & Crusades RPG, and is entitled Amazing Adventures. The game hit many, many, many production-related stumbling blocks, and has been in what the motion picture industry refers to as "Development Hell" for quite some time. But this week things moved forward full-steam; I approved the final edits, and now, at long last, pre-orders have been opened for it!  The pre-order system TLG is using is very similar to Kickstarter, but they're doing it on their own website. There are multiple levels of order, from 99 cents (which doesn't get you the game, but they promise to toast you at one of their in-house sessions) to $100, which gets you not only the game in physical softcover and ebook format, but five "players guide"

D&D 5 (or D&DNext) playtest has begun

The NDA we all had to agree to forbids me saying too much, but I will say that I'm duly impressed with the basic rules we've gotten so far. They actually feel like D&D again, which is a major accomplishment after the train wreck that was 4e.  The rules thus far are unequivocally basic, but they are fairly complete, though lacking character gen mechanics--playtest characters are pre-gen. I wouldn't be sorry to see something very similar to this initial document published as a new D&D Basic boxed set, moving forward. Starting basic and building off of that framework is an absolutely aces way to approach this playtest and I look forward to more "bolt ons" coming in the future. Of course, because they've done so much to make it an RPG again instead of a glorified overly complicated board game, the 4e fanbois are crying the loudest.  I have something to say to the 4e crowd. You know what? Your game FAILED. Utterly. You could be the biggest fanboi in