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The Oz Chronicles of L. Frank Baum

Wow. It's literally been years since I posted here. I don't even know if I have readers left. Guess we'll see. This post isn't about gaming unto itself, but it may be of interest to fantasy and sci-fi fans. So, many many moons ago there was a huge book store called Borders. Millennials may be too young to remember it; Gen Z definitely is. Okay, saying Millennials are too young is stretching it; Borders was still alive into the 21st century. In any case, back in the day I liked Borders better than Barnes & Noble. It had a very "homey" feel to it; they even had a lounge with a fireplace. They went the way of the dodo because they foolishly ignored the ebook craze; while B&N was busy creating the Nook, Borders failed to produce an e-reader, and when they finally did, they partnered with Kobo, a floundering company that used a proprietary format and store that nobody ever heard of. It was too little too late. But that's neither here nor there.