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Returning Star Wars: Legacy to Canon

So I'm on record as never having been a huge fan of the old Star Wars Expanded Universe. I also dearly love the new canon of films. That being said, there are a lot of things about the EU that are certainly worthwhile and worth bringing back. Thrawn was not among them. But I digress. I have always loved the Dark Horse Star Wars: Legacy comics, which are set 138 years after Return of the Jedi and deal with the descendents of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo, as well as the rise of a benevolent offshoot of Palpatine's empire under the Fel Dynasty, as well as the rise of the New Sith Order. It's a complex setting that just feels Star Wars to its core, and offers some great expansion to the mythos--in particular, the Imperial Knights; light side Force Users who take a more martial approach to the Force than do the Jedi. If you aren't familiar with Legacy, I highly recommend checking it out. Marvel has, I believe, re-printed the enitre line. With the new ca