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Let's Read the Arduin Grimoire! Volume 1, Part 1

So for many years, the Arduin books have been on the periphery of my awareness. I knew they were out there, knew they comprised significant expansion and modification to the OD&D rules, knew they eventually became their own system of sorts, and knew that there was some controversy regarding Dave Hargrave, but that was about it. I've seen more and more discussion about them recently, so finally I decided that I would take the plunge. I acquired copies of the "Trilogy" on eBay. My copy of The Arduin Grimoire Volume 1 is a 4th printing; the Volume 2 and Volume 3 books are first printings. Replica box I made to store the trilogy in.   So I guess I'll start a running commentary here as I work through. Again, bear with me as I don't read fast to begin with, and combined with the piles of writing work on my desk and the fact that I can only read a few pages of this tiny text without getting a splitting headache and,'s going to take awhile

Night Shift Pre-Orders Open!

If you happened to miss the Kickstarter and are wondering what Night Shift is all about, pre-orders are open! You can now put in an order for your hardcover copy, or go for a bundle of a hardcover and PDF, and get your PDF right away. The shipping date for the hardcovers from the Printer is June 10, and I will then be sending out the Kickstarters. After that, I will fulfill all pre-orders. You can find all the information you want at , including a link to our free Quick Start rules on DriveThruRPG! Meanwhile, check out Tim Brannan's blog at  The Other Side , where he's released a new monster for Night Shift: The Hodag! Finally, don't forget to follow the Elf Lair Games blog !