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Gazetteer of the Wasted Lands 8: Atlantis

Atlantis was once the shining jewel of the ten continents, the pinnacle of civilization and progress. Its alabaster columns, domes and towers shone brightly in the morning sun, a beacon of hope to the rest of the world that yes, in the wake of the Old Ones, humankind could pave a new path to the future. That all changed when war erupted with the far continent of Thule. Thule, once very like Atlantis, rotted from within, turned to worship of the Old Ones--specifically the Old Ones Yog-Sothoth, Shub-Niggurath, Dagon and Hydra. These evil creatures, speaking to their sorcerer-priests in dreams dark and unholy, showed them the way to open portals through time and space, and with these portals they invaded Atlantis. The early stages of the war went very badly for Atlantis. Its cities were devastated by fire from the skies and mind bombs, ravaged by creatures of darkness like Byakhee, Shantaks, Deep Ones, and the subterranean Spawn of Cthulhu who tore the very brains from the heads

Lemuria Complete!

Enjoy, folks. Back in the saddle again, and Lemuria's writeup is complete. For fans of Expedition to the Barrier Peaks and Dave Arneson's City of the Gods, this one is right up your alley.

Gazeteer of the Wasted Lands 7: Lemuria

We're Back!!! Of all the regions in the Wasted Lands, Lemuria is arguably the most alien, beautiful, and sinister, save perhaps the Kingdom of Hastur. Lemuria is a continent of many features--it is host to plains, forests, foothills, and great mountain ranges, and is home to all manner of creatures, both intelligent and savage. The dominant race on Lemuria could be considered "semi-human"; that is, they are not entirely human but do not fit into the type of any other race. They are tall, reaching 7' in height, slender, hermaphroditic and have ghost-white skin. Rarely do they grow hair on their bodies. Some believe these "Ghost-Kings" are either a future evolution of humankind, or the original root from which humankind de-evolved. Still others claim that the Giant-Kings are not of this world at all, that they came from another plane of existence, or somewhere beyond the stars. They seem to have wondrous magic, including oddly-shaped wands that fire

Ugh, it never stops!

Ever just wish you could shut everything off? Damn, I'm through the wedding, but now am playing catch up with school, and stuff just keeps piling higher and higher on the desk at work. I'm starting to wonder if I'm ever going to get through all this shit so I can get back to having some free time to work on Wasted Lands, 12 Parsecs, my novel, and my freelance project. Sigh. Hang in there, folks. I'll get there as soon as humanly possible.