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Amazing Adventures Support Materials Coming!

I'm happy to announce that I came to an agreement with Troll Lord Games to produce support materials for Amazing Adventures . These will consist of a second adventure module entitled "Temple of the Red God," followed by regular brief e-book offerings. Our first module, Day of the Worm, has garnered several five-star reviews at  DriveThruRPG .  If we build enough of a sales base, e-books could be followed by print materials. Which means, if you want to support me and Amazing Adventures , buy the materials, but don't stop there--get OTHERS to buy them as well! Talk about the game and get others to talk about the game! Let's make this thing a success! Some of the support materials I have in mind: A supplement covering the aircraft of World War II, as well as one covering the armored vehicles of World War II. These could include expanded vehicle combat rules, but I haven't decided if that's needed yet. More weapons! Pulp scenarios cover m

Reading Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Part 39

CONDUCTING THE GAME Now we get to the meat of the DMG--only 110 pages in!  Actually, that's a bit misleading, as I do feel (as I've said) that the DMG is a treasure trove of invaluable information for running any game, let alone AD&D. I still to this day will defend it as one of the greatest RPG supplements ever made, particularly if it is read and viewed in the proper light, which is to not consider everything herein as rote gospel for running the game.  This section deals with practical advice for dealing with common and problematic occurrences in an AD&D game and while it's a bit heavy-handed (as Gygax tends to be), it should be considered a must-read for burgeoning DMs, in my opinion. Rolling the Dice and Control of the Game I've expressed issues with certain newer-school games, particularly those that deal with dice pools requiring the GM to penalize or grant bonuses to checks by adding or taking away dice. Why is this sort of thing a problem? Gygax