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Reading Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Part 36

...AND WE'RE BACK!!!!! Miss me?  Thought I'd forgotten about yinz, didn't you? Never!  As I said in a recent entry, life has been pretty miserable for me the past two years or so, but things are looking up, now. I got through it with the aid of an iron will, St. Johns Wort, and good friends and family. So hopefully, you'll be hearing from me on a regular basis again. That being said....SO....where were we?  Ah, yes.  I remember... PEASANTS, SERFS, AND SLAVES This section pretty much wraps up the notes on "The Campaign," and honestly, I probably should've included it in my last blog, but to be quite frank, I ran out of gas and got lazy. We were pretty much in a section of The Campaign where it was talking about the erstwhile "end game" of AD&D: the point where characters reach high level, build keeps, attract followers, and carve out their own little slice of Heaven (or Hell, depending on their alignment).  This particular sec

Amazing Adventures!!!

Like Pulp adventure? Want to celebrate the re-release of the Indiana Jones movies in theaters, and do it in style? Can't get enough Lovecraftian horror? Or is Robert E. Howard's El Borak and Sailor Steve Costagan more your style? What about the Shadow, or Doc Savage? Well, then, don't forget to stop by the Troll Lord Games brand new preorder page and put in your order for my pulp role playing game Amazing Adventures, which will be shipping in a couple of weeks! Support the Crusade-- Troll Lord puts out great stuff and I'm proud to be publishing with them!  I have also done a chat at IRC #RPGNet recently about AA and my new World War II book for Eden Studios ' All Flesh Must Be Eaten line, Band of Zombies .  The chat log for that Q&A is available for those wanting more information than is here.    That’s when all Hell broke loose. The back window shattered, there was a distinct “ZING!” sound, and the front window followed suit. Kate let out a

Good morning, Blogosphere!

So I have been very neglectful of my blogs over the past, oh, year or two. My postings have been infrequent at best. The reason for this, as many of you know, is that I've been going through a very dark place in my life. Very stressful, very depressing, just generally not a good place to be. Thanks to the mercy of St. John's Wort, I got to a point where I could cope, but I still wasn't getting things done outside of my soul-crushing job at the time. That's all changing. I am at a new job now, and so far it's going great. It was a major step up, a lot of really nice people, but a lot to learn and a ton of new responsibility. As such, I'm much happier, but I'm also tired a lot from all the learning. Still, the positive outlook gives me more energy to spare, and just in time, as I've got some new projects coming to fruition to which I need to devote time and energy. What this means is, I'm really hoping to kick my blogging back up soon. So I appreciate