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Reading Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Part 27

Spellcraft & Swordplay - In PRINT

Hey, folks, just trying to get the word out to a larger audience. As I mentioned over on my Elf Lair Games blog, the Spellcraft & Swordplay Core Rulebook and the Spellcraft & Swordplay Basic Game are now both available in print from DriveThruRPG!

For those unaware, S&S is my old-school rpg. It has been described as a retro-clone, but I prefer to think of it more accurately as an alternate history game. It ponders what D&D would've looked like had the Chainmail 2d6 Man to Man combat system become the core system instead of the then-alternate d20-based system. It then goes on to apply modern design sensibilities such as a unified task resolution mechanic on top. The original result back in 2008 was fairly well praised, from reviews on RPGNet to Grognardia. 

The current version has been revised a good deal since then, getting rid of things like %-based thief skills and the much-maligned Elmore art, and is generally cleaner and smoother overall.

It's also germane to…

Reading Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Part 26

Reading Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Part 25

Using the Combat Tables: This is one of the few things in AD&D that's really self-explanatory to anyone with a junior high school education, but it's nice of Gygax to explain. Basically, you cross reference your level with the AC of your opponent to get a target number to hit them.

This is where THAC0 makes its first (albeit disguised) appearence. Until the target number hits 20, progression to either side of AC0 is linear; that is, if you need a 9 to hit AC 0, you're going to need an 8 to hit AC 1, a 10 to hit AC -1, and so on. This linear progression plateaus at 20, which repeats 6 times across the board. We'll get to that in a minute.

Interestingly, this section says, "Penalties and bonuses may modify either the die roll or the number needed to hit, so long as one method is used consistently." much for "penalties and bonuses should always modify the AC, not the target or die roll."

Following this we have a sort of "Tab…