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MCU Films: Multiversal Order

Now that we have the multiverse officially in place with the MCU, that makes pretty much every single media property throughout the history of the company part of the MCU. In case anyone was wondering, and just for fun, I’ve put together the correct chronological order of ALL of the Marvel films across the entire Multiverse, including all theatrical films since the 1990s. Here they are. All 64 of them so far, should you want to watch them in chronological order. I did not include the TV series in here because let’s be realistic.  I have also added Earth designations from the official Marvel database, modified with additional designations where crossovers may theoretically exist. It is possible, for example, that the Deadpool movies take place in the X-Men universe, but by no means certain, and it is likely that the intent of Logan is to present an endgame for the Earth-10005 timeline, but it was given its own designation "just in case".) According to the Marvel Database, real