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Record of Lodoss War and Toxic Fan Entitlement

I've talked a great deal on social media about just how toxic fandom has become. Negativity has poisoned everything we love, from Star Wars to Dungeons & Dragons to Marvel, cosplay and beyond. What's worse is that this negativity is accompanied by a frankly disgusting sense of entitlement that has come with the easy access of information the Internet provides. People think that somehow they deserve the very best in everything, and they not only have the right, but somehow a responsibility to make it known that they hate....well, everything. I once had someone online, when I called them out on their bullshit, say to me, "Why does your right to celebrate something outweigh my right to criticize it? What makes you god?" I can actually answer that question, and it's a very simple answer: celebrating things is positive. It makes people feel good. It brings joy into the world. Criticism--at least the kind of criticism levied constantly in fandom--is negativity w