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Secrets of Acheron revision update

Got my Stygia book back from the sorcerer's player this week, which means I'll be adapting the spells from that and the Black Kingdoms book, to add to Secrets of Acheron, after which I'll see about doing full spell tables and then post it. Just wanted to give you all an update.

The Age of Conan OD&D -- Session 2

The party began its exploration of the City of Kings. Much more combat today--they had run-ins with a pack of great black wolves, anthropomorphic crocodile-things, and pygmies, and witnessed fishmen swimming in the canal and odd, carnivorous, climbing, ape-things. The Hyperborean was taken down by a lance from a Nightgaunt. They encountered a young man named Zar'Wik, who is apparently the son of the old man they found on the sea. The boy is treacherous, however, and after kidnapping a young stowaway the crew found, set up two ambushes for the party. The party have now resolved to shoot him in the leg to sell him on the slave market next time they see him. They went on to discover a number of bodies that are less than a year old, all of whom seem to be the remnants of a shipwrecked crew that Zar'Wik killed or set up to die, and they learned a bit more about the island from a journal found on one of the dead bodies. In addition, they found a number of weapons stamped with a

Battle Magic in the Age of Conan

In Hyborian Age OD&D, mass combat (like all combat) is resolved using Chainmail. I am currently updating my Secrets of Acheron booklet to include rules on battle magic, amongst a few other tweaks. Here's the rules for battle magic until I finish and update the whole PDF. It's really not much different from standard spellcasting--it just takes place on a larger scale. Battle Magic Sorcerers are perhaps the most feared of presences on a battlefield, and rightly so, for they can wreak utter havoc with enemy forces, from enshrouding them in impenetrable mists to summoning demons or poisoned miasmas to destroy foes en masse. Battle magic, it may surprise some, is not much different than standard sorcery—the scale is entirely different and such spells take far longer to cast as a result. This section will explain how to wield magic in mass combat. Casting Battle Magic Every aspect of a battle spell is larger, from the area of effect to the damage dealt, to the time it tak

The Cimmerian gives me a nod

One of the better known and most comprehensive (in my opinion) sites out there devoted to Robert E. Howard, the Hyborian Age, and swords-and-sorcery in general is The Cimmerian. The bloggers over there recently did me a great honor when they mentioned my OD&D Conan hacks in the same breath as a Hyborian mod for Civ IV and a set of Wargames Foundry miniatures, to demonstrate the point that Mongoose (or whoever gets it next), should they regain the Conan license, has a "hard act to follow." It seems my foray into Howard gaming and scholarship has garnered notice from some notables out there (Dale Rippke commented a few days ago on another blog I did regarding his Hyborian Age geography theories ). I find this surprising, humbling, and an honor. Hopefully what I do in the future will continue to be worthy of comment.