Dark Superheroes with Night Shift: VSW

Let's be honest: It's more than likely that there's a supers supplement for Night Shift: VSW on the horizon some day in the future. Here's the trick, though: you don't really need it to do supers with the game as it stands. You could do a street level supers game with NS:VSW exactly as it sits, and you'd still be well within genre. Look at TV shows like Arrow or Batwoman on the CW or the Netflix Marvel shows for examples of how street-level supers can be dark urban fantasy at its finest. Hell, consider Blade as an example of how the superhero genre can be mixed with horror. It's certainly not outside of the wheelhouse of Night Shift to experiment with superheroic games, particularly if you keep it at "street level" abilities. Let's check out the easy ways you can do superheroes with Night Shift: Veterans of the Supernatural WarsStart with the Supernatural RaceIn Night Shift: VSW, you have essentially two options for your character "race,…

Ash vs. Evil Dead with OD&D

Tis the season, so here we go.

I've been binge watching Ash vs. Evil Dead over the past couple days (actually, I binged the entire Evil Dead franchise in order including the 2013 in-continuity reboot) and was thinking about how one could do this with OD&D. For the uninitiated here, that's Original D&D, the one released back in 1974 with the woodgrain (later white) box. As with most properties, it's crazy easy and even more proof that OD&D is a much better, more robust game than it's ever given credit for being. 
No need to elaborate on what this one is further. Here's my thoughts.
Standard Deadite: 4HD, Mv. 30ft, fly 30ft. Attacks: claw, claw, bite. Special: On a natural 20, infect another requiring a save vs. Death or become a Deadite. Deadites can use Alter Self at will to look like their former self and possess all the memories and knowledge of those they possess. Any time they take damage in this form they must save vs. Death or revert to their…

How Do I Do [x] With Your Game??

As part of my Halloween season binge this year, I'm watching The Craft, and I started to think about Night Shift: VSW and its toolkit approach to urban fantasy and modern horror gaming. That led to one of the most frustrating and consistent demands I get from fans: "How do I do [insert property here] with your game?"One of the most common questions game designers get--especially those of us who are known for taking a "toolkit" approach to our gaming, is, "How do I do my favorite TV show/movie/book/comic with your game?" And if you don't give a concise answer, often people dismiss your game as not being TRULY toolkit. In many ways, this is an unfair question to begin with, and it doesn't mean that a game isn't capable of filling your needs if the designer can't answer that question right away. Consider the following:Sometimes It's a Legal ThingIn some cases, the designer (and I've done this myself) doesn't want to answer the…

What's So Innovative about Night Shift: VSW?

This is one of the most common questions game designers get in the modern era of game design. Everyone's looking for the latest, new and unusual thing, and that's understandable. So what do I answer when people ask me what's so innovative or new about Night Shift: VSW? Nothing. That's right; there's nothing in the mechanics or system that's particularly new or innovative in Night Shift: VSW. Now, before you throw up your hands and say, "Why bother, then?" Let me elaborate. There's No Such Thing as Innovative MechanicsThe simple truth of the matter is, the vast majority of designers who use "innovative" as a claim to fame for their game are at least one of two things, and very often both: 1. Trying to be different for no other reason than to say they're being different, often at the expense of playability.2. Simply wrong. Most so-called innovative mechanics are smoke and mirrors at best. The truth is very simple: dice exist in a game …

Great Review of Night Shift over at ODD74!

Reviews of Night Shift: VSW are starting to appear in the wild! 
The most recent is courtesy of Finarvyn over at the ODD74 message boards. Fin has posted a fantastic review of Night Shift: VSW  which does a solid job of breaking down what the game is, how it works, and what he likes about it. 
If you're on the fence about the game and want a bit more information, or you're just curious about what the game is, how it plays, and how it goes together, head over there and check it out! Then consider signing up for an account and stopping to stay awhile--it's a very cool place. 
As always, you can find Night Shift: VSW over at my website, where you can head to our store to pick up a physical copy or head over to DTRPG for your PDF!

Gummi Bears - Bouncing Here and There and Everywhere

I don't care what anyone says, Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears was a damn great fantasy cartoon back in the day, and it deserves a D&D treatment.

If you've never heard of it, here it is on YouTube for free, or you can watch it in a less clumsy format on Disney+

Also, the theme song is one of the catchiest cartoon themes ever.

Okay, so...
GUMMI BEARS(Stats for Original, Basic, Advanced and most OSR games)No. Appearing: 1-8Hit Dice: 1-5Armor Class: 7 (2 with gummi berry juice) / 13/18 high ACAttack: By weapon or bounce slam (1d6)Special: Gummi Berry Juice, Stealth

Returning Star Wars: Legacy to Canon

So I'm on record as never having been a huge fan of the old Star Wars Expanded Universe. I also dearly love the new canon of films. That being said, there are a lot of things about the EU that are certainly worthwhile and worth bringing back.

Thrawn was not among them. But I digress.

I have always loved the Dark Horse Star Wars: Legacycomics, which are set 138 years after Return of the Jedi and deal with the descendents of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo, as well as the rise of a benevolent offshoot of Palpatine's empire under the Fel Dynasty, as well as the rise of the New Sith Order. It's a complex setting that just feels Star Wars to its core, and offers some great expansion to the mythos--in particular, the Imperial Knights; light side Force Users who take a more martial approach to the Force than do the Jedi.

If you aren't familiar with Legacy, I highly recommend checking it out. Marvel has, I believe, re-printed the enitre line. With the new canon, Le…