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D&D's Demise Would Be GOOD for the Industry

I can already hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth, the people crying, "He's nothing but a WotC-hater!  What does he know??" First things first: I'm unequivocally not a WotC-hater.  I'm no fan of fourth edition, and I've made no bones about that.  But that's neither here nor there, and has absolutely nothing to do with this blog. This particular blog is not setting out to bash D&D or WotC or any group of fans.  It is, however, going to attack an idea that has somehow come to be commonly accepted as a Great Truth(TM): that the demise of Dungeons & Dragons would somehow mean the End of Days for the RPG industry. Why?  Why is that?  Can anyone give me a good, coherent reason that goes beyond, "Well, they're the big dog on the block"? Not only do I disagree with this sentiment, I believe that the death of D&D as a roleplaying game would actually be beneficial to the role playing industry as a whole. And again, it has nothing