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Coming Soon: The Night Companion for Night Shift: VSW

   They Walk Beside You in the Night... The Night Companion  is the first sourcebook for the Night Shift: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Role Playing Game, the old-school RPG of Chosen Ones, Witches, Survivors, Psychics, and Something Weird. Within its pages, you will find: Four new character classes: the Divine Warrior, the Mystic Martial Artist, the Psychic Gunslinger, and the Spirit Rider Rules for playing supernatural species including Celestials, Driven, Ghouls, Infernals, Lycanthropes, and Vampires, expanding upon the "Supernatural Race" option in the core rulebook New options for generating ability scores for normal, gritty, and cinematic games Rules to convert your game from class-and-level to entirely point-buy An alternate Alignment system focused on good, evil, light, and dark Guidelines to convert your game to a unified mechanic: both d20-based and percentile-based options are covered Enhanced combat rules: variable weapon damage, range increments, weapon class