Elf Lair Games Developments

Couple of new developments on the Elf Lair Games front:

Spellcraft & Swordplay PDF Bundle

First, we are pleased to announce that we are now offering a bundle of the Spellcraft & Swordplay Core Rulebook, and Monstrous Mayhem in PDF for only $8! That's $3.50 off the normal PDF price for both!



 Spellcraft & Swordplay - Monstrous Mayhem
 Regular price: $5.00
 Bundle price: $3.00

The New Class Strikes Again!
After awhile, goblins cease to be frightening, gold loses its luster, and underground dungeons, ruined cities and ancient temples ceace to be an attraction.  Your players want new sights, new adventures, and new threats to challenge their skill, might and wits.
Fear not!  For those Referees who need to give their game that spark of something new, we present MONSTROUS MAYHEM, the first sourcebook for Spellcraft & Swordplay! Within these pages you will find a new Elite Path, rules for hedge magic and legerdemain, mass combat, underwater adventures, thug rules, a host of new monsters, and more!  With all of these additions, Monstrous Mayhem is sure to become an invaluable resource for players and referees ...
 Spellcraft & Swordplay Core Rulebook
 Regular price: $6.50
 Bundle price: $5.00

Join the new class of old school!
Hordes of slavering orcs close in.  You're tired, battered and bruised, but far from beaten.  You grip your heavy sword tightly, and blink at the sweat in yoru eyes.  You're all that stands between the goodly folk of the village, and a curtain of eternal night.  And going quietly isn't your style.
Between these covers lies everything you need to begin grand adventures of dark and gritty fantasy, high epic fantasy, or even fairy tale fantasy.  All you need is some imagination and a few friends, and you're off!  Inspired by the very earliest days of the hobby, Spellcraft & Swordplay uses a rules-light system that allows play in a fast, loose and cinematic style.  It evokes the spirit of the old...

The Witch Print Edition

 Secondly, I have just [re]-uploaded the print files for The Witch. Bear with us: you'll remember from S&S's publication drama that DTRPG's system is ANYTHING but intuitive or user-friendly. But we are working on getting The Witch out to you a.s.a.p.

The Witch: A sourcebook for Basic Edition fantasy games


"By the pricking of my thumbs
Something wicked this way comes!"
The Witch covers the Witch character class and the various traditions of witchcraft one might encounter in an old-school fantasy game. This sourcebook contains plenty of information for players and game masters alike, including new spells, powers, magic items, and monsters. Compatible with original Basic Edition fantasy games, or your favorite retroclone!


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