Resurrecting "Where I Read AD&D"

Those few here who know me from RPG.Net may remember a few years ago I had an aborted thread entitled, "[Where I read] AD&D First Edition."  The thread went on for a good long while; I started with the DMG and would read and break down each section as I went along, and post blog-style about my thoughts.  People would then respond, tell me what they agreed with, and tell me where I was demonstrably wrong (heh).  I had planned to finish the DMG, then move on to the PHB, then Monster Manual, then the other books in the series, one by one.

It was a good thread, but life got in the way before I could finish the DMG and move on to other books.

Well, this blog has gotten quiet because as I've said I don't feel like I have much research left to do on OD&D.  So, I've decided to resurrect the AD&D reading here.  I'll start by transplanting my original posts, one by one, from over here.  I don't know that I'll do one a day, but I'll work towards at least 3-4 a week. After that I will, as I have time, continue my reading of the DMG and analysis here.  Hopefully in this forum I can actually finish the project.  People seemed to dig it, so we'll see how it goes over here.

I was going to do the first one today, but RPGNet seems to still be having their infamous "database errors," so the forums are down.  If they come back up, I'll try to get the original post back on here for comment.

Please note that I won't be posting the entire discussion, so it'll be like starting fresh.  I may (MAY, mind you), make some minor changes to my posts to reflect revelations that came about through discussions...but then again, I may not.  I expect it'll depend on my daily moods.

Finally, it's also vital to point out that there's no way anyone can take into account everything Gary ever wrote or said about AD&D throughout his entire life. This is an exegesis on the rules as written in the DMG. You can feel free to discuss Gary's thoughts in the comments, but it's also vital to remember that his own ideas, thoughts, and opinions on the games evolved drastically over the course of his life. I would like to avoid the old argument about whether house rules mean you're not playing AD&D, as that has been well and truly put to rest by legions of people who knew the guy personally, and gamed with him for years. Other than that, if there's something I question herein for which you've seen an answer posted, by all means, comment!

Anyway, there you have it.  That's what's forthcoming for the Wasted Lands.  Enjoy!

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  1. Sweet! That was one of the few threads I subscribed to back when even bothered visiting Glad to see it finding a new home here!


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