The Cimmerian gives me a nod

One of the better known and most comprehensive (in my opinion) sites out there devoted to Robert E. Howard, the Hyborian Age, and swords-and-sorcery in general is The Cimmerian. The bloggers over there recently did me a great honor when they mentioned my OD&D Conan hacks in the same breath as a Hyborian mod for Civ IV and a set of Wargames Foundry miniatures, to demonstrate the point that Mongoose (or whoever gets it next), should they regain the Conan license, has a "hard act to follow."

It seems my foray into Howard gaming and scholarship has garnered notice from some notables out there (Dale Rippke commented a few days ago on another blog I did regarding his Hyborian Age geography theories). I find this surprising, humbling, and an honor. Hopefully what I do in the future will continue to be worthy of comment.


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