Another new class: The Border Fighter (Ranger)

Looks like I'll be adding the Ranger as well, with a couple modifications.

First, the class will be re-named "Border Fighter," and being Good (remember, I'm swapping out Lawful and Chaotic) is no longer a requirement. There's nothing inherently "Good" or "Evil" about the skill set of this class, so it seems to me that since I'm not reproducing Tolkien there's no reason to require it.

Tracking is not done with percentile dice, but with the roll of a d6:

Outdoors the ranger has a 5-in-6 chance of tracking, this chance being reduced by one for every two days old the signs are.

Indoors the ranger tracks as follows:

Monster's Action Ranger needs to track
Goes down a normal passage1-4
Goes through a door (normal or trap)1-3
Goes up/down a chimney or shaft1-2
Goes through a secret door1

In a city, treat empty streets as normal passages, moderately populated areas as "going through a door," and heavily populated/bustling areas as secret doors.


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