Ash vs. Evil Dead with OD&D

Tis the season, so here we go.

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I've been binge watching Ash vs. Evil Dead over the past couple days (actually, I binged the entire Evil Dead franchise in order including the 2013 in-continuity reboot) and was thinking about how one could do this with OD&D. For the uninitiated here, that's Original D&D, the one released back in 1974 with the woodgrain (later white) box. As with most properties, it's crazy easy and even more proof that OD&D is a much better, more robust game than it's ever given credit for being. 

No need to elaborate on what this one is further. Here's my thoughts.


Standard Deadite: 4HD, Mv. 30ft, fly 30ft. Attacks: claw, claw, bite. Special: On a natural 20, infect another requiring a save vs. Death or become a Deadite. Deadites can use Alter Self at will to look like their former self and possess all the memories and knowledge of those they possess. Any time they take damage in this form they must save vs. Death or revert to their deadite form. Regenerate 1d6/round unless completely dismembered (brought to -10 hit points) or the head destroyed. Some deadites can be exorcised, but the process is unique to each individual and is left to the DM. Only important NPCs and PCs should have this option.

Flying Deadites: treat as harpies that can only be damaged by magical attacks.

Kandarian Demon (forest): treat as 8 HD shambling mound that cannot be harmed by non-magical attacks

Kandar the Destroyer: Treat as ancient red dragon

Dark Ones: Dark Ones regenerate 5d6 damage each round unless it was inflicted by the Kandarian Dagger. They all have the abilities of a 20th level magic user and a 20th level cleric. Ruby is a dark one until her children steal her magic, at which point she becomes a 10th level human Magic User. 

Special/Magic items

Assault Rifle: Counts as a normal ranged attack with the range of a longbow. 3 Attacks per round. If using variable damage, deals 1d6. It's possible to target all 3 rounds on a single target, making a single attack and dealing triple damage. Since melee rounds are a minute long, can be reloaded and fired in the same round. On a natural 20 if all 3 rounds are directed at a single target, explodes the head of whatever it's shot at. Can damage creatures normally only damaged by magic items. 

Chainsaw: Counts as a great sword, but can be wielded one-handed. Does not function unless activated and filled with fuel (lantern oil will suffice). Each round roll 1d10; on a result of 1, it stalls out or refuses to run. Can damage creatures normally only damaged by magic items. Can be mounted on a character's arm in place of their hand (requires the permanent loss of a hand). Interchangeable with prosthetic hand.

Boomstick: Counts as a normal ranged attack with the range of a shortbow. 2 attacks per round. If using variable damage, deals 1d8. It's possible to blow out both barrels at once, making a single attack roll for double damage. Since melee rounds are a minute long, the Boomstick can be loaded and fired in the same round. On a natural 20, explodes the head of whatever it's shot at. Can damage creatures normally only damaged by magic items.

Kandarian Dagger: Long, jagged-blade dagger set into a handle of bone. Counts as a +1 magic short sword (due to its length, heft, and jagged blade) that is +2 and double damage to all denizens of the Deadworld (Kandarian demons, deadites, etc.) and undead. Can also be used by a magic user to flay victims for the purpose of creating new pages for the Necronomicon.

Necronomicon ex-Mortis: Also called Naturom Demonto, this book is bound in human flesh and inked in human blood. It contains all spells ever known, both clerical and arcane. Magic users who possess it can prepare clerical spells as though they were arcane. Any spell in the book can also be cast as a magical scroll by anyone who reads it, and the scrolls do not fade. In all other ways it functions as the Book of Vile Darkness. New pages can be added, creating new spells (usually summoning or necromancy), but this requires skin flayed with the Kandarian Dagger, and a special pen dipped in human blood. The exact nature of added pages are usually plot points and handled by the DM.

Prosthetic hand: Replaces missing hand. Increases the wearer's Strength score by 3 when worn. Interchangeable with chainsaw.

New Rules

Fear/Terror: The first time someone sees a creature infused with the energy of the Deadlands (a Kandarian or deadite) they must make a saving throw vs. petrification or act in sheer terror. Roll a d6 to determine their reaction:

1-2: Fight - attack anything within range in a blind panic, including friends and allies
3-4: Flight - Turn and run as fast as you can in any direction that gets you away from the source of your terror. 
5-6: Freeze - Treat as a hold person spell is cast on the character, with no save allowed. The character may scream, babble, or even wet themselves, but may not move for the duration of the terror. 

A new save can be made each round to shake off the effect. After the first encounter with a deadite, this effect wears off. 

The Characters

Ashley J. Williams: The Chosen One. Fighting Man 10. Str 15 Dex 16 Con 16 Int 9 Wis 8 Cha 15 HP 55 (46 if using LBB version) HD 10d8 + 10 (10d6+11, LBB) AC 4. Gear: Chainsaw, prosthetic hand, Kandarian Dagger, Necronomicon

Pablo: El Brujo Especial. Cleric 5. Str 10 Dex 10 Con 13 Int 13 Wis 17 Cha 14. HP 23 (15 LBB) HD 5d8 (4d6+1 LBB). Gear: Magical amulet, sometimes Kandarian Dagger and Necronomicon

Kelly: Fighting Woman 5 Str 12 Dex 16 Con 12 Int 16 Wis 13 Cha 17 HP 23 (19 LBB) HD 5d8 (5d6+1 LBB) Gear: Assault Rifle, short sword (sometimes Kandarian dagger). 

Brandy: Fighting Woman 2 Str 10 Dex 12 Con 10 Int 17 Wis 9 Cha 17 HP 9 (7 LBB) HD 2d8 (2d6 LBB). Gear: Improvised weapons (sometimes Kandarian Dagger).


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