Now on Kickstarter! Amazing Adventures 5e!

Hey, all, my newest project is now on Kickstarter: Amazing Adventures 5e! We funded in just two hours, and in 6 days we've smashed through 7 stretch goals, with lots more to come!

So what is Amazing Adventures 5e? 

Amazing Adventures is the modern multi-genre RPG that lets you take your game to any time, any place, and any genre. This new version is completely compatible with the 5th Edition Rules of the World’s Most Famous RPG and brings it firmly into the modern era without a ton of new and altered rules.

Within its pages you’ll find:
New character classes, and new takes on existing classes
New Sub-classes, paths, archetypes, etc.
A new approach to Inspiration which allows you to build points for greater player agency
Cinematic unarmed combat
Modern vehicle rules
Firearms rules
Psionics rules
And more!

Grab hold of the wheel and take on the bad guys from the 16th Century to the 51st Century and beyond with Amazing Adventures!

Worlds of Adventure Await! Will you grab hold?

Is this Replacing the SIEGE Engine Version?

NO. We are absolutely NOT ending the line for the SIEGE Engine version of Amazing Adventures. In fact, we will hopefully be gearing up for the third printing of that edition very soon. We will be supporting both the SIEGE and 5e versions of the game side-by-side. They are two separate game lines using two separate game systems, and will co-exist.

On a personal note, as the author, Amazing Adventures is my baby and you'd be hard-pressed to pay me to let that go out of print. So long as I have a say in things, AA will be around a long time and supported in both forms!

Does this Require the 5e Fantasy PHB to Play?

You do NOT need your 5e Fantasy book to play this game. It is completely self-contained and even includes a bestiary and introductory adventure. 

That being said, it is also 100% compatible with the 5e Fantasy rules. Want to run a Wood Elf Gumshoe? No problem! The race drops right in. Looking to play a special forces guy in the modern era and think a Fighter or Paladin works best? Go for it! The standard 5e classes are easy to simply drop right in. Alternately, the Hallowed domains can be used as new Cleric Domains, the Arcanist Traditions as Wizard Traditions, the Hooligan archetypes as rogue, etc. While we didn't import every single character class from 5e, those that most directly fit with a modern multi-genre game were imported, tweaked, and given new class options to suit modern play.

What Do I Get?

At the $99 pledge level, you'll get the following: 

  • The hardcover, full-color core book (expected to weigh in around 288 pages), 
  • TWO super-module adventure mini-campaigns (Rise of the Red God and its sequel, Rings of the Red God) 
  • A third super-module currently about to be unlocked at the time of writing (The Deeper Dark Trilogy, with the first two adventures unlocked in PDF--with the third, we'll print the book), 
  • A 12-page expanded character record booklet, 
  • The Amazing Adventures Field Journal (a semi-hardcover custom notebook with elastic closure, ribbon bookmark (possibly), 
  • The AA Field Journal logo on the front), 
  • Solar Burn (expanded science fiction guidelines and a complete sci-fi sample setting)
  • The Brotherhood of William St. John (a sort of "meta setting" which looks at the world from the Victorian Era through to the Solar Burn setting, hundreds of ears in the future, through the eyes of a character-centric secret adventuring society). 
  • All of the above (exept maybe the field journal, which is just a notebook) in PDF as well as print!
  • That's a laundry list of stuff, and there's more to come as stretch goals continue to be unlocked! 
There's also a $150 pledge level that adds a deluxe leatherette bound collector's edition, and a (limited) $199 pledge level, which gives you all of that and adds a bound, softcover copy of the actual playtest materials used by in-house playtesters. These books are signed by most of the playtesters and may have varying amounts of handwritten notes throughout. Each is unique. There's only 2 of the $99 level left at the time of this writing, though, so grab them fast!

Worlds of Adventure Await! Will you Join?

For more information, you can check out the Kickstarter itself, a Q&A that Steve Chenault and I did with the Elseworlds Chat, or an episode of the Crusader Podcast I did. Links below:

Hope to see some of you on board!


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