Holy Crap! Ten Days! What Gives?

Man, time really flies, and it's easy to let blogging get away from you. I'm still working on the next entry in my "Reading OD&D" series, as well as my "Reading AD&D" series. Unfortunately, I'm into monsters and magic items in both, and that takes a lot longer to carefully read and parse than general rules and character classes. I also feel like it's going to yield less useful information, so it may be worth it just to finish reading, truncate those particular entries with some general observations and move on.

What else is going on? My friend and colleague Tim Brannan (of The Other Side blog) and I are working on a pretty big project at the moment. I don't want to say much right now, because there's still a million things that can go wrong between here and release (not the least of which is funding) but if we can get it together it's going to be really badass. I'll be releasing it through Elf Lair Games when it's ready to go. I can say it's related to a recent blog I did...

I'm still working on Amazing Adventures for the 5e rules set, and I got the good news that it should be going into Kickstarter (at long last!) sometime in March or early April. Dare I hope for a release at Origins? Probably not, but I can hope. Playtest for that one continues and is going great. I'll be at Gary Con next week and am running a sneak preview adventure of it, which is currently sold out. I can't wait! I'm also running a D&D 5 game with the Troll Lord house setting of Aihrde that will function as a sneak preview of the 5e Player's Guide to Aihrde, and I'll be running an Amazing Adventures "classic" (SIEGE Engine) module. I'll be running the same scenarios at Origins.

Truth be told, the playtest, getting those scenarios ready, and working on the new project with Tim is what's occupying most of my time these days, and why I fell off the blogging wagon for the last 10 days.  Just wanted to give everyone a heads' up that I'm still alive and haven't fallen off the face of the earth again!


  1. Don’t worry about it. This should be fun! Write when it’s fun. We will be here :)


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