Some Housekeeping and Cleanup

So it's a new year, now. 2019 is upon us, and I was looking over my blog yesterday and thought, it's looked pretty much exactly the same for something like 15 years, since I first started it. It was time to clean it up, implement some organization, and change up the look. Nothing has been lost; all the features, pages, and entries are still here. I just wanted to update it and give it a fresh coat of paint.

Not only do I have a new header and design theme in place, I've also gone through and added some old links to the AD&D Resources page. If you scroll to the bottom, you'll see I've added more links to the sidebars, other editions, and general D&D section. There may be others added there as I stumble across more old blogs that I feel need to be highlighted and accessible.

Overall, I'm pleased. I'm just not happy with the fact that the new design doesn't let me instantly jump to editing an entry or access my blogger control panel like the old design did. I'm working to figure out if there's a way I can change that, but it's nothing that will affect regular viewers.

Anyway, that's that. Hope you all dig the new look!


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