In Progress!

Just a quick update. My plate has been a bit full of late with work for Troll Lord (hence the irregular blogging). I'm currently playtesting and revising the 5e Amazing Adventures RPG, while plugging in edits on the 5e Player's Guide to Aihrde as well as writing adventure modules for Gary Con and various and sundry other TLG projects.

In terms of the blog, it's keeping on keeping on as well (hence this update to keep things rolling). I'm working on the next part of the AD&D Exegesis--the treasure tables section is expansive and I'm working out what I want to say about it. In the meantime I'm also working on a blog entry that will seek to look at psionics in D&D, as they appear in OD&D and AD&D, the similarities and differences between the two systems, and how psionics aren't actually as arcane or difficult as they have a reputation for being.

 I probably won't go beyond that, as I'm not familiar with the AD&D 2e system, so it would be disingenuous of me to try and break it down. Still, I hear often that the 2e psionics rules are pretty great, so I do need to look them over at some point. By the time 3rd edition (and 3.5) came along, the system had changed entirely, so it's not worth a comparison. Anyway, that's a quick update regarding what I'm up to. More posting coming up soon!


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