Contemplating a kickstarter

So I've been talking about Wasted Lands (Apotheosis) and Twelve Parsecs a lot, and my biggest lament is that I just don't have the funds to do them the way I think they deserve to be handled, with real art and high production values. Well, it seems that a ton of people are having good luck with kickstarters these days, so I have begun seriously contemplating doing a kickstarter to fund one or both of these projects. But as anyone who knows me is aware, I never think my stuff is good enough, or that enough people really care. So I'd like to take a poll to see if anyone is actually interested in my doing this. In case you haven't been paying attention, Twelve Parsecs is the space opera RPG I've been working on that will be powered by O.R.C.S. (our house system). It will be set up as an overarching generic set of space opera rules, hopefully covering everything from cyberpunk-style adventures to planetary romance with starfighters and mystic warriors. It will then have an included "meta setting" that will be default for the game. The meta setting will deal essentially with secret societies in space--the Templars, the Masons, the Illuminati, and similar groups battling amongst the stars. Wasted Lands, on the other hand, is what I call "Lovecraftian Swords and Sorcery." Unlike many of the efforts to do so, I'm not focusing on the "Weird" or on visceral horror. The game will be much more Robert E. Howard in style. The premise is that it takes place about 1,000 years after the stars go wrong, putting the Old Ones to sleep. Mankind is struggling against the lingering servants of the Old Ones to carve a place in the world, and the heroes of this age will go on to be remembered as the gods of the ancient world. This game will include new elements to magic from Spellcraft & Swordplay, including a corruption mechanic and all new spells. For both games, the system will be advanced from S&S, though still recognizable. I will likely be looking for playtesters if and when the time comes as well. I would like these to be the flagship games of Elf Lair moving forward. I just need to know if there's enough interest to move forward. So without further ado, here's the poll. Please answer and feel free to comment below.
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  1. I'd definitely support a 12 parsecs, and maybe a waist lands, presuming that you do it at least a month after LotFP's insane kickstarter flood.

  2. I want both. But I have a vested interest in both.

    In truth though I think 12P might be the Holy Grail SciFi game I have been looking for.


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