D&D 5 (or D&DNext) playtest has begun

The NDA we all had to agree to forbids me saying too much, but I will say that I'm duly impressed with the basic rules we've gotten so far. They actually feel like D&D again, which is a major accomplishment after the train wreck that was 4e.  The rules thus far are unequivocally basic, but they are fairly complete, though lacking character gen mechanics--playtest characters are pre-gen. I wouldn't be sorry to see something very similar to this initial document published as a new D&D Basic boxed set, moving forward.

Starting basic and building off of that framework is an absolutely aces way to approach this playtest and I look forward to more "bolt ons" coming in the future.

Of course, because they've done so much to make it an RPG again instead of a glorified overly complicated board game, the 4e fanbois are crying the loudest.  I have something to say to the 4e crowd.

You know what? Your game FAILED. Utterly. You could be the biggest fanboi in the world and you can't even sustain the argument against the hard fact that it lost enough fans that it cost D&D its heretofore unchallengeable top spot in the industry. So shut the f*** up and go away; let the grown-ups fix it. Thanks.

So far, so good, WotC.  One or two things I noticed in the initial doc that need tweaked, but we'll see how they play out tonight when my group attacks it.


  1. I have to agree. Now while I enjoyed 4e, there is a reason my group is going to be playing AD&D 1st ed after our 3.x game is up and not 4e like planned.

    I am looking forward to this as well.

  2. I thought the NDA on closed play had been rescinded?

  3. Not that I'm aware of, and lifting the NDA would be completely foolish, especially if they're just doing it because some over-entitled OSR'ers are whining about it. I don't know a single game company out there (at least, not established ones) who don't use an NDA.

  4. "If you have previously executed a Nondisclosure Agreement with Wizards of the Coast related to D&D Next playtesting, the terms and conditions of that NDA are still effective regarding the content and distribution of playtest materials. However, you may now discuss your thoughts and opinions about the D&D Next playtest materials and your playtesting experience publicly."

    Not rescinded, but it sounds like they are permitting some public discussion of the materials now.

  5. The way I read the Open Playtest agreement, it just changed the terms of the previous NDA to match the Open Playtest wording. You can post your thoughts and feelings about the closed playtest, but not any content. But then I'm not a lawyer and I wasn't part of the closed Playtest.

    I haven't looked over all of the OP docs yet, but from what I've seen, I'm not overly impressed but haven't found anything horrible either. Some good, some bad, nothing extreme.

    I doubt it will pull me away from OSR games, or my friends away from Pathfinder, but we'll see.


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