A Bit of Shameless Self-Promotion

I’m posting this here because of all my blogs, I have the most followers here.

I’d like to encourage all of you to take a look at (and if you’re so inclined) to follow my new blog, Overpriced Popcorn: Film Reviews for the Rest of Us. I started this blog because I spend a lot of time complaining about film critics, how arrogant they tend to be and how off the pulse their fingers tend to be, as evidenced by the fact that there’s usually a 15-20% difference in positive reviews between critics and audiences over on Rotten Tomatoes. Given that film critics’ jobs are to educate the public on what’s good and bad, it seems odd to me that critics are so divorced from what the public actually likes.

I’m not saying I’m the be-all, end-all solution, but I thought that I should put my money where my mouth is, and make an effort to do a review blog from the perspective of those of us who pay to see movies.

I’m aware that the site will probably irk a lot of people in the sci-fi/fantasy/rpg community, as in general geeks tend to be very hard on science fiction, fantasy, and “property-based” films, sometimes even harsher than critics, and I tend to enjoy these things regardless of their diversion from the source material. Still, I thought (and am hoping) that some of my readers here will find it an interesting experiment, and perhaps might even agree with some of what I have to say.  I’d encourage everyone, when starting in, to please read the first post, which includes the rules of engagement for the blog—that is, the rules I’m asking you to obey if you’re going to post comments. As of now I’m not moderating comments, but if there get to be too many flame wars, I will.

In any case, I hope that many of you check it out and enjoy it.

Oh, this new blog doesn’t mark the end of Wasted Lands—not by a long shot.  It’s just a new space that I’m trying to make a go of, a project that’s dear to my heart for many reasons, and I’d like to see it garner at least as many followers as this one.


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