Age of Conan and Secrets of Acheron Revised and Updated

Thought everyone might be interested to know that I have revised and updated both Age of Conan pamphlets.  They can, as always, be found on my D&D resources page at


  1. Thanks for these (and your other awesome resources)! Very cool.

  2. DOOD. Thanks for everything you do.

    What changed?

  3. Awesome Jason. Is there a quick rundown someplace of what's changed since the last version?

  4. Have you looked at the Dungeon Crawl Classics beta? They have a very cool magic system that incorporates ideas similar to yours. I may pillage some of it for my upcoming Age of Conan game.

  5. arcadayn, I have looked at the DCC beta. Not a fan. I'm not surprised the magic system is similar--there's nothing terribly innovative about it. I basically translated the Mongoose one to OD&D terms.

    Rotwang and Koren:

    Briefly, sorcerers now need to rack up FIVE points of corruption before dropping a level in alignment and suffering a penalty instead of just one, I added information on Ability Checks to AoC, and I added Backgrounds and Fate Points to SoA. I also clarify in AoC that the Troop Type combat is best served as "thug rules" and the 2d6 Man to Man combat should be the default system. There is an appendix to SoA that points people to Labyrinth Lord, Spellcraft & Swordplay, Castles & Crusades, or the retro game of their choice if they don't have access to OD&D.

    ...I think that's about it.

  6. Oh, and I appreciate the gratitude, but I do it because I love it :)

  7. Hello Jason, I'm an Italian guy, I really like the work you did for Age of Conan, congratulations.

    I would like to translate Age of Conan to make it available to the Italian players, if I have your permission.

  8. That's extremely flattering, Beld. I'd love to see my work translated into other languages. My only concern is the legalities of spreading it around that widely. As it stands, I believe I can claim Fair Use, but more likely am just under Paradox Entertainment's radar. If the rules get spread around more, they might end up sending out cease and desist letters to see them removed from the web entirely.

    Tell you what: send me an e-mail at drizzt (at) grey-elf (dot) com and we will talk.


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