Risk: Legacy Makes Your Board Game Decisions Matter? Permanently?


Now this is an interesting idea.  But I can't help but think that the implementation is all wrong.  It's too "one time only," and permanent.  I get that's the idea, but a better implementation, it strikes me, would be to use a software package to track these decisions.

See, this is missing a prime opportunity--to truly integrate the digital world with a traditional board game.  To my knowledge it's never really been done, and this could be a great step.  The software package could put virtual versions of the stickers and cards into play, allowing you to set up the board for each subsequent session with all of the campaign elements present, but would then also allow you to "hit the reset button" if you want to start over from scratch without the need for buying a whole new set.

The "stickers" they include could then be along the lines of Colorforms decals--removable and reusable. The sealed elements would be a bit trickier, but a software package would allow you to have thousands of random secret elements that could pop up at given triggers, eliminating the need for sealed cards. The so-called "throwaway cards" could simply be removed from the game and set aside until the day comes (if it does) that you want to reset the campaign.

Not that it matters, or that anyone from Hasbro will see this and take notice, or that I'll actually get a call to help implement my frankly brilliant ideas (*grin*)

...Just thinking aloud.


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