Gen Con - Day One

Well, here we are in cloudy Indianapolis, for another year of fun, gaming, friends-you-only-see-once-a-year (if that), and sheer exhaustion.  That's right, folks: it's Gen Con, once more into the breach.

Taejas and I actually got here on Tuesday night, as we did a Trade Day for librarians and educators yesterday.  It was pretty cool, but still formative.  This is the first year they've done it, I believe, so the seminars were few and the speakers still kind of finding their way.  Still, it was a neat experience.  Got some good information, and some good advice on the job hunting situation, and met a few cool folks.  Plus, we get into the dealer's room an hour early this morning.  Unfortunately, I found out that for that first hour we're only allowed to browse, not buy.  That's kinda crap, but still it'll be neat to see the stampede coming towards us when the doors open instead of away from us.

Looking forward to hanging with the guys from Troll Lord Games again this year, especially breakdaddy, who I haven't seen in about 2 years.  That should be a blast.  And Steve better give me that comp copy of the CKG he promised me ;-).  We were supposed to release Amazing Adventures here, but there was some holdup with the editing and art (and that's not the usual game publishing excuse--we actually did have holdup with editing and art) so 'tis not quite ready yet.  Bummer, because I was really excited to get to pimp a full game as a major con release. But it is what it is, and it'll be out soon enough.

Well, it's about time to head down to the convention center for that early access.  If anyone reading this happens to be in Indy, keep an eye out for me.  I'll be spending lots of time at the TLG booth, and wandering the exhibit hall all weekend, save today at 2:00, when I am doing the True Dungeon.  I am, of course, always happy to sign books, so if anyone has any of my stuff that they want signed, don't be shy about stopping me, saying hello, and asking for a signature.

I'll try to post daily blogs, if anything interesting goes on.  Till then, as Stan Lee would say, Excelsior!


  1. I am assuming that Amazing Adventures is the pulp game you wrote a while back... make that a long while back! I have been waiting for this game for what seems forever! I love the Trolls, but those guys seem to move about as fast as an ice age! :-)

    Anyway, I am glad they are making some progress on getting your book to press. If you are allowed, how about sharing some details for those of us who have been patiently waiting.

  2. Shane, do you ever go to Troll Lord's forums? There's a long discussion thread there about Amazing Adventures, and I even post sample characters.

  3. It has been a while since I have been to the TLG forums. I will go there now and take a look. Thanks for the heads up, Jason.


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