The Age of Conan - Sessions 3 and 4

The first adventure ended successfully. In session 3, the group finally made their way across the river, overcoming a number of traps left for them by Sar'Wik. They battled more pygmies and more croc-things, one of which almost killed the Aesir. They discovered a coin and a fresco both bearing the face of a beautiful woman wearing a crown, the fresco identifying her as the Queen, which they all found odd because until now all of their references had been to a King. The woman also bore a passing resemblance to the young man Sar'Wik.

At length they came to the palace. It getting near dusk, they took up a position atop one of the guard towers and settled in for the night.

After night fell they witnessed a group of creatures apparently emerge through the wall. These creatures the Stygian identified as ghouls, and theorized that they were not walking through the wall, but through a gap in the wall. The group opted to let the creatures go, as they were no immediate threat and battling them would've drawn the attention of the gods knew what else.

Later, a huge black wolf enter the courtyard, then shift into the shape of a slight human male, though it being dark they couldn't make out any distinct features. The skald identified the creature as a werewolf. It entered the palace, then, about 20 minutes later, emerged and shifted back into wolf form, then left the same way the ghouls did.

The next morning, the group entered the palace to find themselves face-to-face with a 15-foot long thing that had a lupine body, but instead of fur had human hair, a woman's face, and a human woman's breasts. The face was that seen on the coin and fresco. Battle ensued; the party emerged victorious, using the weapons they had found etched with the Cleansing Sign, earlier. In an upper tower they found the remains of an ancient tome of magic, an armory of sorts, and a volume entitled "A History of Atothar, from Its Founding to Omnibelgior."

The Stygian, ecstatic, grabbed up the manuscript.

In Session 4, they climbed atop the parapets of the palace to see what they could see. The group was determined to give some payback to Sar'Wik for his betrayal of them (and, in the Skald's case, the kidnapping of the girl). They decided their best bet to start was a nearby temple district. When they awoke the next morning they found their Zamoran thief missing.

After fighting off ten more wolves, they made their way to the temple proper, where nailed upon the door they found the dead body of the Zamoran thief. The Hyperborean proceeded to remove the thief's head, answering the group's questioning looks with, "I'm getting paid a lot of money to bring him back. My employers preferred alive with the items he stole, but dead works, too." The group then looted the thief's body and entered the temple.

Inside, they found six more wolves, along with Sar'Wik and the girl (who was unconscious on the altar). The two Aesir berserked and the group attacked. Sar'Wik and his wolves managed to fell two of the group before they finally defeated him and rescued the girl. At this point they decided that with two men down they had what they came for and it was best to make tracks. So they made their way back through the city to the boat, where they found the crew had had a mighty battle with the degenerate pygmies from which they emerged victorious and with the ship intact, but the crew was lessened in size.

They grimly set off for the mainland; when they arrived back in Messantia each member of the party completed their individual missions:

The Ranger sent a messenger to Aquilonia with word that there was no sign of King Conan the Great's passage

The swashbuckler reported to Messantia's king that the crew was not affiliated with the Black Corsairs but that she would keep her eye out for opportunities in the future.

The sorcerer and the two Aesir met with representatives from the Nemedian Chroniclers, where the Aesir were paid for their efforts and the Stygian awarded great prestige within the organization for his return of the artifacts.

The assassin returned the head of the thief to his employers, who paid him for his efforts.


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