Age of Conan II: Secrets of Acheron

I've just completed a followup to my Hyborian Age OD&D hack. It's entitled Secrets of Acheron and is a 32-page booklet on sorcerers and sorcery in the Hyborian Age. As with the original pdf, this one is fully bookmarked for ease of navigation and will print as a booklet, using Adobe's booklet printing function (just be sure to print pages 2-32 for the insides, and page 1 separately using the "multiple pages per sheet/horizontal reversed" settings).

You can download the new PDF here:

Also, I've revised the original Age of Conan booklet. There were a lot of duplicate spells on the spell list which have now been removed. This should be the last revision of that particular booklet, barring glaring mistakes that pop up, or things simply not working right in game as we play.


  1. As it turns out I do need to make some (very minor) tweaks to the original AoC PDF, but nothing that'll affect its usability, i.e. no need to re-download. There are references to elves, dwarves, and hobbits in the combat section, and the saving throws section includes an entry for clerics. Need to take those out. Will also probably clarify that if the saving throw categories are used, there's no need to have sorcerers advance more slowly than everyone else.


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