Age of Conan--first session in the bag

Ran my first session of Age of Conan yesterday, which was also my first ever session of OD&D, after the two years or so of scholarship I've engaged in with the game. The freeform aspect of it is going to take some getting used to--all of us are used to "roll x skill or ability" for everything, but I think I did a good job learning to just say "yes."


"Do I hear what they're talking about over there?"
"You set yourself up to keep an eye on them, so yes, you hear everything."
"What about me?"
"You haven't set yourself up to watch them, and you are at a different place in the tavern, so let me see. [rolls die] Nope, you don't really catch it, but you do notice that odd group gathering at the table. You can attempt to position yourself to hear better."
"I do so."
"Now you can hear them. You also notice another patron--a large Hyperborian--has moved closer, apparently for the same reason as you. And the people you're watching seem to be aware that the two of you have moved closer."

Combat using the Chainmail Man-to-Man system seemed lightning fast, but granted we only had one battle and it only took two rounds and a surprise round to resolve. I'm looking forward to trying out the Troop Type and Fantasy Combat systems, though not sure if that'll happen much until they get higher level. My suspicion is I'll mix it up at first, then we'll gravitate towards the one of three systems we like the best.

If you are interested, I've posted an actual play thread at RPGNet here:


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