Age of Conan DM Screen

I've put together a DM screen for Age of Conan. It's 3-panel (front and back) and I designed it for my MasterScreen. Unfortunately, MasterScreen isn't made anymore, and since this is portrait it won't work for the Savage Worlds one.

There is a new one out there called The World's Greatest Screen, which is a 4-panel; you'd have to fill that fourth panel yourself, but slapping XP tables on one side and a map of your current ancient ruin/catacomb in the other would work out nicely.

Or you can just print it all out on card stock and, with a little help from Kinko's have it put together (a bit of glue, scotch tape, trimming, and lamination would do the trick).

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy.


  1. Thanks so much for this, and right on the tail of Acheron. You've made AoC an irresistable proposition!

  2. Well, I'm prepping for my own game so you all get to reap the benefits!


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