Hyborian Age D&D PDF

Well, folks: you asked for it.

Here it is: The Hyborian Age.


Note that as now this is little more than an "OD&D Hack." There's precious little about the Hyborian Age itself in there--that's for two reasons:

1. I expect anyone interested in gaming in the Hyborian Age already has a good grasp on the setting--in the grand tradition of OD&D, this is not a "how to run a Hyborian Age game" guide, but a set of rules and tweaks that I feel help to mimic the proper mood and grit of a Hyborian Age game.

2. If you want info on the Hyborian Age, it's out there in spades, from Wikipedia to the three Ballantine Conan volumes to TSR's original Conan RPG, to Mongoose's outstanding Road of Kings book. I don't want to step on the toes of the folks who have paid good money for the license. You should support them, if for no other reason than it keeps the Hyborian Age out there and visible.

That being said, I may in some future revision (if I do one) include blurbs about the life of Conan similar to those de Camp and Carter used in the old Lancer/Ace series. I haven't decided yet.


  1. Thank you once again Jason for a brilliant piece of work.

  2. I hope people grab it while they can--considering the artwork within, I wouldn't be surprised to get a cease & desist letter before too long.


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