Bet you thought I went away, didn't ya?

Nah. Just a lot going on these days. I do intend to get back to the Wasted Lands soon. As some of you know, Elf Lair is also on hiatus for the time being. Right now I am up to my eyeballs at work dealing with a training grant renewal, faculty retreat, visiting committee review, and cross training on purchase ordering. In addition, I'm getting married in two weeks, I'm starting grad school next week (and am FAR from ready for that), am working on a novel, another game for Elf Lair, a major freelance project for Cubicle 7 (which is due at the end of September and I still have a good 35,000 words to write--why, oh, why did I let Dave talk me into this one?), waiting to hear on editing notes from Troll Lord Games about Pulp Siege, and running my Unisystem/Conspiracy X Doctor Who game every other week on Sundays.

You could say my plate is a bit full and I'm a teensy bit overstressed. But bear with me, True Believers (apologies to Stan Lee), and The Wasted Lands will return very, very soon.


  1. Have a great wedding! I just got married myself (July 10th), and heartily recommend it. Congrats on starting grad school as well. It sounds like an exciting, if hectic, time for you. Best wishes!

    By the way, I just returned to Milwaukee and opened up the 'collectors's edition' box set of S&S. Simply beautiful! :)


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