Waning interest?

It's become clear that my actual OD&D rules blogs get more attention and comments than the sandbox stuff does.

Are people actually interested in the Gazetteer of the Wasted Lands, or would people prefer I switched to something a bit more familiar--say, the below-mentioned OD&D Hyborean Age thoughts I've got boiling in my brain?


  1. I have been thoroughly enjoying this blog Jason and look forward with relish to each new entry. Please don't stop.

  2. I check this (and a number of other blogs) just about every day - though I almost never comment. I just grabbed the sorcerer and am tweaking it for my campaign (though I do hope you would ALSO post hyborean age stuff...I'm just like that...)

  3. If the writing (process or product) is of value to you, the level of reader interest shouldn't matter - unless it's driving readers away entirely. As long as you're enjoying yourself and believe what you're saying is worth reading, stick with it! There's always room for thoughtful analysis online.


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