One more, then a break

When I complete the writeup for Rossika, I will have completed the pseudo-European and -African continents. After that I'm going to break from the Wasted Lands to explore the Hyborian Age for a bit. That's burning at me, and after Rossika I think I've got a really nicely serviceable campaign area for sandbox play.

That's not to say I'm done with the Wasted Lands completely--far from it. When I finish the Hyborian Age I'll come back to it and cover Lemuria, Mu, Atlantis, Thule, and Fortriu in a chunk.

The final chunk will deal with Cruithnia, Huitzilopochtitlan, Yuggoth, and the ruins of R'lyeh.

I hope everyone's enjoying the sandbox thus far. There have been almost no comments on any of the writeups...


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