Wasted Lands World Map

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  1. That's a cool map. I love that kind of Antediluvian Earth thing.

  2. Jason, you know that I love this map and how I blantly steal ideas from you for my own old-school game "Mystoerth", but what I really like is you inclusion of both Mu and Lemuria. Often forgoten and rarely used. What are your plans for these two places?

    If I were doing Atlantis in my games (and I might) I'd be using the old Bard Games Atlantis books. So I am curious to know what you are doing there as well.

  3. We'll get there. I have plans for Mu, Lemuria, Atlantis, and Thule. Right now the only areas I don't really have a hard concept for is the southern half of the African analogue, and the far northern and southern parts of the North American one.


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