Character class addition: Bards

Now that I have acquired copies of all 6 issues of The Strategic Review, I will be allowing the Bard class from therein, albeit with some modifications.

Since I am removing %-based thief skills per Philotomy's alternate Thief class, I'm doing the same with the Bard.

Thus, instead of a percentage chance to charm people with his song, the Bard's opponents gain a saving throw, as though against spells. This saving throw gains a bonus of +1 for every two levels or hit dice above three the listener is. Likewise, for every 10% of "special" bonus a creature would have in the rules (such as the undead's 10% bonus), the creature gains +1.

Likewise, the bard's Lore ability counts as a bonus to a roll of 2d6 (my OD&D is striving to allow players to only use d6's), with a target number of 12. This bonus is equal to +1 per 20% of Lore ability.

While jack-of-all-trades entertainers can be found the world over, Bards are common in two areas of the world. Fennokarelia (obviously) is renowned for its songsters and poets, and bards that come from this area of the world are called Skalds. In Fortriu (which has yet to be detailed), epic storytellers and musicians are also revered, and it is in this area that these men and women are called "bards."


  1. Cool! Let's see the rules so I can write up my bard Heather. I guess I will need half-elf rules too.

  2. Well if you'd actually been ONLINE yesterday...:p


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